FuturesCash has been working on developing new analytical products and on improving the existing ones for our community. The launch of FuturesCash and the release of FCT were vital milestones for the project and one of many milestones to come. The project has come a long way, but in the…

Dear Community,

Many of FuturesCash users have inquired about the possibility of participating in our Private Sale. FuturesCash strives to be community-centric. And so we are now announcing the official opening of our FCT Private Sale offering to our early supporters and loyal community members.

We have started our registration…

  • FCT, the native token on FuturesCash
  • 40% of the FCT token is allocated to FuturesCash community members
  • FuturesCash upholds “Users are stakeholders”, utilizes “Using is Mining” as a community reward distribution mechanism.
  • All the benefits will be converted into FCT tokens and give them back to the users.

FuturesCash Community-led Growth

Futures Foundation…

Hi All,

FuturesCash bridges the gap between traditional finance and DeFi and has committed to developing an easy-to-use wallet app that enables anyone to manage crypto assets at their best convenience.

The beta version of FuturesCash has been successfully operating for one month. The main purpose of the beta is…

We are giving away FCT! To kick-start the launch of FCT token, FuturesCash is conducting an airdrop giving away 100 million FCTs to people who join the Pi Futures mining activity, starting from today! It is simple and everyone has the opportunity to participate in the airdrop event.

About Us

FuturesCash functions…

Futures Foundation

Our vision is to let more and more people understand and use crypto via Futures Foundation.

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