Celebrating the Transition with 10,000 FCC Airdrop and Ask Me Anything about FuturesChain

Futures Foundation
1 min readSep 6, 2022


Our development team has come together in this FuturesChain AMA and Airdrop event, to share the basics of FuturesChain, the past, present, and future. Immediately after the AMA, we will reward FuturesChain’s supporters with a total of 10,000 FCC.

The AMA will be held in Discord Audio, where we will introduce FuturesChain, future development, and more! In this AMA, we have invited:

  • Phillip, Product Director
  • Chance, Dev Advocate
  • Ryan, special guest

🚀During the AMA, we will 10,000 FCC in incentives, which will be distributed to selected participants.

When is the AMA?

📅 September 8th, 2022

⏰Time: 9:30 PM UTC+8

Where is the AMA?

The FuturesChain AMA will be held on FuturesChain Discord in the Voice channel.

🔥Join FuturesChain Discord here at: https://discord.com/invite/futureschain

How to Participate in the Airdrop?

1️⃣ Join FuturesChain Discord
2️⃣ Attend the AMA on Sept.8!
3️⃣ Engage in the AMA and ask questions to our team
4️⃣Download FuturesCash wallet

*Our team will select participants to claim the airdrop. First come first serve.
*FCC will be rewarded directly to the FuturesCash wallet



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