FCT Private Sale is LIVE!!! How to Participate?

Dear Community,

Many of FuturesCash users have inquired about the possibility of participating in our Private Sale. FuturesCash strives to be community-centric. And so we are now announcing the official opening of our FCT Private Sale offering to our early supporters and loyal community members.

We have started our registration process for the FCT Private Sale Option 1 planned for the 15th of November 2021. Get the opportunity as the first investor by following the private sale that we have prepared for you, with various advantages including getting a very special price.

Supply for Sale: 50,000,000 FCT

Sale Price: 0.1 USDT per FCT

Registration Date: Option 1 (NOW — Nov. 15); Option 2(Nov. 16 –19)

Payment Date: Option 1 on November 15th, Option 2 on November 19th.

FCT Release Date: November 22, 2021

Every FuturesCash user is eligible to participate in the Private Sale.

Instructions to participate in FCT Private Sale

•Registration is MANDATORY to participate in our Private Sale.

•The minimum contribution is 1,000 FCTs.

Now, I will guide you through the FCT Private Sale registration process!

STEP 1: Copy the secret code and open FuturesCash

The secret code is shown at the end of this article, copy the secret code and open FuturesCash, you will be redirected to the registration page.

STEP 2: Submit the intended purchase amount of FCT

Carefully read through the information of FCT Private Sale, enter the FCT purchase amount in the box, simply click “submit” to the next step.

Please note that the funding method is USDT. Make sure to have a sufficient balance in your wallet in order to successfully claim your FCT tokens.

STEP 3: Enter Payment PIN to verify and confirm the registration

STEP 4: Successfully registered

Congratulations! You have successfully registered for FCT Private Sale, you can edit the purchase amount of FCT by clicking “Edit FCT purchase amount”

Want to become a global ambassador?

Global Ambassadors are selected in this private sale event, who have the opportunity to receive substantial rewards. If you are interested, please click “want to become a Global Ambassador” and leave us an email, we will be connecting to you with detailed information about the reward program.

Secret code to participate in the private sale:


Copy the secret code and open the FuturesCash app to participate.

Click here to learn more about the FCT Private Sale.



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