Futures Foundation: 2023 Year Ahead

Futures Foundation
2 min readDec 30, 2022


The pandemic has brought payments into the spotlight. Venture capital flowed in; digital payments adoption and usage ticked up, and investments in digital payments meant the difference for merchants and payments players between swiftly adapting to new realities. Futures Foundation believes that In 2023, payments will once again be top of mind for fintechs, merchants, and consumers alike.

What is Futures Card?

A Futures card is a virtual prepaid card that allows holders to use their crypto earnings in real-life transactions through card payment. The Futures Card is a prepaid card settled in U.S. dollars, issued by a Member of FDIC Bank, and pursuant to a license from Mastercard International Incorporated. The card can be used everywhere Mastercard is accepted.

Bank-based payment methods will have their first “big” debut in FuturesCash. A big beneficiary of the increase in customers who prefer using cash-like payment methods will be open-finance-based, account-to-account payments.

What are the benefits of Futures Card?

The flexibility to utilize your cryptocurrency for everyday purchases is the primary advantage of a prepaid Futures Card. Futures Card leverages our secure, scalable, and trusted payments system to enable the simple and real-time use of digital currency for everyday transactions. Eligible users will be able to apply for FuturesCash Prepaid Cards with crypto. Futures Card can be paid at millions of online merchants with secure virtual cards.

Futures Card also adopts a reward system and will be a valuable feature. Users can earn cash back in cryptocurrency as spending with Futures Card. All card rewards are paid in cryptocurrency and deposited into your FuturesCash Wallet App. cryptocurrency Rewards are instantly reflected with each eligible transaction.

The generation of crypto cards is coming

Cryptocurrencies are revolutionizing the financial industry, and each day, it grows by a mile with their promising market and their potential return to both institutions and users. It’s a marvel brought by blockchain technology, and it represents utility other than value.

FuturesCash is a project dedicated to easing the way of crypto services. Our goal is to keep providing products that help people easily enter the crypto world, and provide essential tools for our users to manage and explore the use cases of their cryptocurrency. In 2023, our team will be focusing on providing bank-like tools to our users to help them connect the benefits of the crypto world to the real world.



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