Futures Foundation Investment in RainCheck: Your Checking Account for Cryptos

Futures Foundation
3 min readDec 14, 2021


Futures Foundation aims to discover high-quality blockchain projects and to promote industry innovation and development. We are investing in promising blockchain projects and to offer value-added services to our valuable users.

We are excited to partner with Raincheck.one to further grow and extend the project. The opportunities of both DeFi and NFTs are promising and we look forward to future synergies and growth across our ecosystem and beyond.

What is RainCheck?

NFTs let us tokenize things like art, music, collectibles, etc. RainCheck tokenizes your personal checks. You can customize the check and they’re secured by the blockchain — no one can modify the record of ownership.

The word rain check means the stub of a ticket, entitling the holder to be admitted at a future date; and Raincheck acts like a checking account for crypto assets that are generated and stored on the blockchain, it is a way to store value or send a payment for a later performance.

  • Raincheck is a Dapp that connects to your wallet.
  • Deploy on both Ethereum blockchain and Binance Smart Chain.
  • You can add a memo to memorize or commemorate.
  • You have the option to specify the payee and withdrawable date.

Why Invest in RainCheck?

RainCheck is an innovative NFT project, is completely a new try in DeFi. The uniqueness of Raincheck constitutes a value that stays. The birth of the non-fungible token phenomenon and Raincheck itself have shown substantial maturity.

Raincheck’s success has been phenomenal, by combining the best of the various NFT projects and coming up with its own innovation. Our journey of supporting and bringing the best NFT began a few months ago, by investment in Helix NFT. and it really excites us to tell you that it has only grown into a bigger vision. In line with our aim of helping bring blockchain projects to the mainstream.

How to Create a RainCheck?

  1. On raincheck.one, click Launch App to start.

2. Click Connect Wallet to launch the Dapp.

3. Select or search token type, enter the amount.

4. Edit payee and withdrawable date, add a memo by clicking “Advanced Settings”

5. Simply click Create RainCheck to proceed.

6. Double-check and confirm your payment.

You’re all set. You can track and edit your raincheck under “My RainChecks”



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