FuturesCash is Airdropping 100,000,000 FCT

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3 min readAug 19, 2021

We are giving away FCT! To kick-start the launch of FCT token, FuturesCash is conducting an airdrop giving away 100 million FCTs to people who join the Pi Futures mining activity, starting from today! It is simple and everyone has the opportunity to participate in the airdrop event.

About Us

FuturesCash functions as a seamless gateway between cryptocurrency, DeFi, and traditional finance, aims to let more and more people understand and use cryptocurrency. FCT is the native token of FuturesCash, designed to give community the power to influence decisions and incentivize active participation. The total number of FCT is set at 1 billion and will never increase.

What is an Airdrop?

An Airdrop can be described as a distribution of cryptocurrency or tokens, it is a way for users to take part in a growing community of FCT by completing a simple task.

Our Airdrop event is done via Pi Futures mining app, we make sure the action form is user-friendly, at the same time, we can keep track of the process efficiently. The airdrop is aimed at raising awareness among all people, as we offer a better way to manage and invest digital assets.

How to join FCT Airdrop?

It is really simple! You just need to participate in Pi Futures mining activity. If you are new to Pi Futures, sign up NOW and starting mining today!

Step 1: Sign up for Pi Futures.

Step 2: Collect Pi Futures tokens on daily basis.

Step 3: Activate more miners along the way to increase your total yield.

If you are an existing user, keep mining and activate more miners to boost up your earnings. We will give away FCT tokens base on user’s total yield. Please note that FCT tokens will be sent to your FuturesCash wallet after the end of the airdrop campaign.

How many FCT will you get?

We are handing out 100 million FCT tokens, all Pi Futures users will divvy up the 100 million FCTs. To make sure the airdrop event is transparent and clear, we will list the total of network on “Miners” page in Pi Futures app for you to monitor. Below is the formula to calculate how many tokens you will get:

FCTs = Total Yield ÷ Total of Network × 100,000,000

The more Pi Futures tokens you mined, the more FCT tokens you will get, activate more miners to increase your total yield. Here are some ways to get extra Pi tokens:

1. Swap ETH to Pi via Marketplace in Pi Futures app (1 ETH = 2705 Pi)

2. Invite more friends to sign up for Pi Futures to get rewards.

Total of Network listed

For example, if your total yield is 185.822 Pi, and the total of network is 11919476.637 Pi, you will get 1558.978 FCT at the end, calculated by:

FCTs = 185.822 ÷ 11919476.637 × 100,000,000=1558.978 FCT

When does the airdrop end?

The airdrop will conclude around November 25th, 2021.

As the coming launch of FuturesCash, we wanted to reward our enthusiastic community for the progress we’ve made so far. The idea is to engage the community in a series of activities which, in turn, become beneficial to the community members and the ecosystem.

Pi Futures official website: http://pifutures.org/

Sign up page: https://invite.pifutures.org/minepi

Need help?

Email: contact@pifutures.org

Twitter: https://twitter.com/pi_futures

Telegram: https://t.me/pifutures

Pi Futures is now publicly traded on Uniswap v3. Trading Link

ERC20 Contract Address:

Disclaimer: Pi Futures (symbol: Pi) is ERC-20 token, and is neither the same nor the alternative of the cryptocurrency of Pi Network.



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