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4 min readMar 11, 2024


FuturesCash is entering a new era, redefining its role in the FuturesChain ecosystem as the key portal for a wide range of applications and games. This evolution highlights our dedication to improving user experience and strengthening integration with FuturesChain.

In line with this, we’re launching the Global Partnership Program to celebrate and support our community’s growth. This program is designed to recognize and reward those who have significantly contributed to the Futures ecosystem, demonstrating our gratitude and encouraging a collaborative and thriving community.

Introduction to Global Partnership Program

The Global Partnership Program is a strategic initiative designed to empower those who contribute to the FuturesChain ecosystem. Central to this program is the FCT token, FuturesCash’s governance token, where staking FCT can lead to significant returns.

Participants earn rewards by inviting others to join and stake FCT in FuturesCash, promoting a community-driven expansion. The incentive structure is straightforward: the more FCT your invitees stake, the larger the reward you receive, emphasizing the program’s focus on collaborative growth.

The program offers two main reward types, reflecting a binary plan often seen in multi-level marketing (MLM) structures: Referral Rewards and Synergy Rewards. Referral Rewards are based on the FCT staking from direct invites, while Synergy Rewards focus on team achievements within the program, fostering a sense of collaboration. Key features of the program are:

  1. A focus on team collaboration, encouraging participants to work together rather than compete individually.
  2. Rewards are given in FCC, FuturesChain’s native token, known for its stability and value.
  3. The program offers a fast and transparent reward system, with daily calculations and distributions, ensuring participants quickly see the benefits of their contributions.

For an in-depth understanding of the Global Partnership Program and how you can participate, please refer to our detailed guide available at Introduction to Global Partnership Program on our support center.

Switching to Invitation-Only Registration

FuturesCash is enhancing its community engagement by moving to an invitation-only registration system with the introduction of the Global Partnership Program. New users will now need a valid referral code, which can be obtained from existing members, to register on FuturesCash. Your username serves as a default referral code, and additional codes can be found within the app’s interface for sharing.

Upon updating to the latest version of the FuturesCash app, users will access new features designed for an optimized experience. These features include panels for tracking performance, rewards, and referral connections, ensuring that rewards are automatically settled and deposited into users’ accounts.

Importantly, FuturesCash has integrated existing referral relationships from both the Pi Futures era and prior wallet registrations into the system. This integration guarantees that previous efforts and established connections are recognized and preserved, ensuring fairness and continuity for all members as they transition to the new program structure.

FCT Airdrop

FuturesCash is conducting an airdrop as a token of appreciation for the market leaders within our community. The eligibility criteria for this airdrop are based on a snapshot from mid-October 2023, before the new restrictions on miner sales were applied. To qualify, accounts need to have achieved a Contributor Level of at least Lv.3 and held a title such as Evangelist, Counselor, Minister, or Ambassador at the time of the snapshot. This airdrop will distribute around 3.5 million FCT tokens to approximately 100 outstanding market leaders.

Additionally, all participants in the FCC/Pi Futures mobile mining activities will benefit from an initial carryover performance in the Global Partnership Program. This initiative is designed to honor the sustained efforts of our users during the extensive Pi Futures/FCC mobile mining period. The total yield obtained through FCC mining is converted into the initial carryover value on a one-to-one basis, ensuring a seamless transition and proper recognition of the users’ longstanding commitment.

Alongside the changes in FuturesCash, the development team is soon set to bring exciting updates regarding FuturesChain. The technical preparations for the testnet are complete, making its launch a question of ‘when’ rather than ‘if’. Yet, what’s truly exhilarating is the exploration of what this public blockchain can achieve.

Looking forward, FuturesChain is committed to making substantial contributions to the Pi Network community. We are eager to collaborate with Pi-related merchants, encouraging them to issue their tokens and settle transactions on FuturesChain. This move signifies not just technical readiness but a broader vision to build an interconnected, vibrant ecosystem that leverages the full potential of blockchain technology.



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