FuturesCash “Swap to Earn”: How to Earn Profits?

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2 min readMay 5, 2022

As crypto markets evolve, Futures Foundation has expanded our blockchain territory, providing decentralized solutions for numerous circumstances. FuturesCash aims to improve crypto wallet’s overall performance. Consequently, FuturesCash will have diverse options for swapping services. FuturesCash Swap is designed to increase convenience for users. This is achieved by reducing the steps required to exchange one crypto asset for another. The release of FuturesCash Swap has led to profitable opportunities for users within the correct parameters.

FuturesCash adopts the “Using is Mining” model to reward our community. Currently, users “Stake to Earn” and receive staking rewards daily. I am now happy to announce that “Swap to Earn” is available on FuturesCash.

What is Swap to Earn?

FuturesCash Using is Mining is launching Swap to Earn, enabling users to swap tokens and enjoy 50% fee rebates. The rebate will be distributed as swap rewards and will be distributed right after the swapping Swap to Earn is a reward model where handling fees paid by traders are compensated by the FuturesCash in FCT.

Why Choose FuturesCash to Swap?

A glimpse of popular exchanges highlights how expansive the blockchain’s ecosystem is. To effectively co-exist, users need to swap solutions to cater to dynamic market demands. FuturesCash Swap opens up access to lesser-known cryptocurrencies, it also diversifies market offerings. FuturesCash eases the process of swapping cryptos:

  • No need to prepare gas coins.
  • All smart contracts are audited.
  • Slippage is handled automatically.

How to Earn Profits?

FuturesCash users can swap cryptocurrencies for profit using two ways:

  • Swap and Hold — You can obtain audited tokens on FuturesCash by FuturesCash Swap. The trick/strategy is to identify a token minted by a promising project. As this project rises in popularity, its token will concurrently rise in value, earning you gains upon swapping or selling.
  • Swap to Earn — FuturesCash Swap provides the most convenient way to swap, no gas coin is required and the slippage is handled automatically. For each swapping, FuturesCash will give back 50% of the handling fee to traders. Furthermore, FuturesCash has Global Partnership Program to incentive users to grow with the project.

As we work on developing new analytical products and on improving the existing ones for our community, we are happy to announce that we have updated FuturesCash’s official website.

Let’s check it out: http://futures.cash/

Learn more about Stake to Earn:

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