FuturesCash “Swap to Earn”: How to Earn Profits?

What is Swap to Earn?

FuturesCash Using is Mining is launching Swap to Earn, enabling users to swap tokens and enjoy 50% fee rebates. The rebate will be distributed as swap rewards and will be distributed right after the swapping Swap to Earn is a reward model where handling fees paid by traders are compensated by the FuturesCash in FCT.

Why Choose FuturesCash to Swap?

A glimpse of popular exchanges highlights how expansive the blockchain’s ecosystem is. To effectively co-exist, users need to swap solutions to cater to dynamic market demands. FuturesCash Swap opens up access to lesser-known cryptocurrencies, it also diversifies market offerings. FuturesCash eases the process of swapping cryptos:

  • All smart contracts are audited.
  • Slippage is handled automatically.

How to Earn Profits?

FuturesCash users can swap cryptocurrencies for profit using two ways:

  • Swap to Earn — FuturesCash Swap provides the most convenient way to swap, no gas coin is required and the slippage is handled automatically. For each swapping, FuturesCash will give back 50% of the handling fee to traders. Furthermore, FuturesCash has Global Partnership Program to incentive users to grow with the project.



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