FuturesCash: User Interface Preview

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5 min readJun 15, 2021

FuturesCash is a custodial Ethereum wallet app which demonstrate Pi Futures’ skills in decentralized finance (DeFi) and cross-chain technology. Our vision is to let more people understand and use cryptocurrency through FuturesCash.Our team is committed to ensure every user has a ultimate experience by using FuturesCash.

I am thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of FuturesCash User Interface (UI) which is designed to maximize user experience.

The UI of FuturesCash not only pleasing to the eye but also to be consistent with FuturesCash features and make it easy and efficient to navigate. The new look of FuturesCash is designed to make it simpler and faster to get to the content you need.

Let’s take a closer look !

FuturesCash allows user to sign up with a phone number

Our team has designed the home page which gives users a greater flexibility in integrating the new features

FuturesCash allows you to quickly bind and display your Assets. Features include deposit and store, pay, exchange, markets. Moreover, for your convenience, The user will be redirected to Pi Futures and able to earn Pi Futures in FuturesCash app.

Add funds: Deposit and securely store crypto assets in FuturesCash Wallet. Futures Cash is compatible with mainstream ERC-20 tokens.

Scan QR: QR scanner is available on FuturesCash. User can securely send crypto assets by scanning the QR code. In order to prevent any frauds, we will ask user to set up a payment password to keep the assets safe.

Pay: Send cryptocurrency between FuturesCash users with no extra fee.

Exchange: Swap between crypto assets in a fast and easy way by using decentralized exchanges platform (including two-way free exchange of ETH and Pi Futures)

Assets: To view your assets, you can now access them via “Assets” tab, it contains a list of crypto assets you currently hold. Users will be able to view details of each tokens by clicking it.

Markets: See the contents of the tokens (current price, price history, market cap and listed date) at a glance and navigate to the information you need

Profile: You can do much more things on profile page now, includes:

  • Message notification
  • Change phone number
  • Reset password
  • Connect with your Email
  • Manage address book
  • Manage multipate accounts
  • Exchange rate in different currencies
Message Notification
Change phone number and reset password
Connect with your Email
Manage Address book

FuturesCash is rebranding Pi Futures to become one of the most powerful cryptocurrency wallet. Please stay tuned for the future of FutureCash as we provide a simpler, faster and smarter cryptocurrency experience. FuturesCash will be available read soon. We will continue to make additional UI enhancements more frequently to FuturesCash in the upcoming release.

Pi Futures is now publicly traded on Uniswap v3. The current price is $1.203. Trading Link: https://info.uniswap.org/home#/pools/0x4351825d4b6b92264c76ffa10b4981074fa01326

ERC20 Contract Address: 0xe875c61d4721424a6988e5fa2dfb8d6ca6af5c64

Disclaimer: Pi Futures (symbol: Pi) is ERC-20 token, and is neither the same nor the alternative of the cryptocurrency of Pi Network. Learn more…



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