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3 min readApr 13, 2022


Many FuturesCash users have been patiently waiting for an in-app swap feature that will allow them to quickly swap between crypto-assets with ease. We are excited to announce that the in-app swap on FuturesCash is now available!

The Swap is a new feature within the FuturesCash Wallet that allows you to exchange different token types internally. Powered by Swapit and PnacakeSwap, we fetch the best rates and convenience in the market. With a simple and proven interface, FuturesCash swap works similar to current DEXs that you are familiar with, aggregating the best deal. You can access the swap feature from FuturesCash Wallet via your mobile device.

Some of the upcoming features of the FuturesCash in-app swap functionality include:

More Convenient & User friendly

In-app FuturesCash Swap will allow users to be less reliant on CEX and DEX to purchase or sell tokens. Users can swap their cryptocurrency to the one they desire right from FuturesCash Wallet. The swapped assets are directly transferred to the wallet balance. Swap eliminates the intermediate steps, avoids transaction mistakes, and improves the safety of assets. This feature also cuts out the back and forth between the exchanges and the normal digital wallets.

In order to improve users’ experience and provide the best convenient way to swap. Users do not need to hold the utility token for the gas fee like DEXs do, instead, the gas price is automatically deducted from the swapped token, which simplifies the process of swapping cryptos.

High Authenticity & Safety

The FutuersCash swap feature supports conversion between different types of cryptocurrencies in FuturesCash Wallet. Furthermore, the whole process is propagated on-chain, ensuring the assets and transaction process is authentic, safe, and transparent.

Timely Update of Transaction Information

Every transaction that happens on FuturesCash is recorded on-chain. After the swap, users can keep track of the transaction at a glance. FuturesCash also has a professional customer services team to serve every user timely.

High Transaction Stability

The exchange rate in Swap is hardly affected by market price fluctuations. The amount of swapped assets is basically the same as the amount displayed during the conversion, the calculated received amount includes transaction and gas fee. What you see is what you get.

The time when you had to scroll through multiple DEXs to swap is gone. FuturesCash presents the perfect solution for swapping needs for our users. Download FuturesCash to enjoy the benefits, your one-stop solution to swap on FuturesCash!

About FuturesCash Swap

FuturesCash swap allows quickly swap between crypto-assets with ease and exchange different token types internally. Powered by Swapit and PnacakeSwap, we fetch the best convenience in the market.

About FuturesCash

FuturesCash is a cross-chain wallet that is committed to developing an easy-to-use wallet app and bridges the gap between traditional finance and DeFi. The born of FuturesCash is to let more and more people understand and use cryptocurrency.

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