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3 min readMar 13, 2023


Looking for a premium staking experience that lets you earn rewards in USD? Look no further than FCT Staking 2.0! Our team has carefully considered the dream features and safeguards that crypto enthusiasts crave to bring you a versatile ecosystem that functions as a bridge to the Web 3.0 world.

With the introduction of the Futures Card, you can now use your crypto earnings in real-life transactions through card payment, bringing the ultimate convenience to your everyday purchases. Our brand-new FCT staking program rewards you in U.S. dollars and deposits directly into your Futures Card, so you can earn APY and cashback from your online purchases with ease.

What is FCT Staking 2.0?

Through FCT Staking 2.0, you can earn staking rewards in USD. Staking FCT tokens through your FuturesCash account grants you access to a Futures Card, cashback from your online purchases, and, most importantly, get rewards from staking. The exact yield increase you can expect for FCT, the more you staked, the more USD you earn.

Stake FCT, Earn U.S. Dollars

In FCT Staking 2.0, FuturesCash adopts a brand-new reward mechanism which will be a valuable feature, all staking rewards are paid in U.S. dollars and deposited into your Futures Card.

As an example, you want to stake 1,000 USDT value of FCT for 180 days using fixed-term agreements. let’s say the staking product has a 20% APY, for staking rewards, you will get $100 in total for this staking period, directly into your Futures Card.

Why FCT Staking 2.0?

FCT Staking 2.0 rephrase the functionality of the existing system. The upgrade offers our token holders new-and-improved features and a new user-friendly interface. These user experience enhancements are possible thanks to critical improvements we made to our staking contracts. The upgraded contracts and interface give FuturesCash users the power to claim USD rewards from their Futures Cards.

The purpose of the FCT Staking 2.0 token is to incentivize accepting crypto, and paying with crypto; The flexibility to utilize your cryptocurrency for everyday purchases is the primary advantage of FCT Staking 2.0. Users’ daily rewards will be converted into USD and settled in Futures Card, which leverages our secure, scalable, and trusted payments system to enable the simple and real-time use of digital currency for everyday transactions.

How to get rewards?

It is really Simple! We simplified the staking process in FuturesCash, all you need to do is get your FCTs ready, and Stake in FuturesCash.

  1. On the home page, click ”Stake-to-Earn”
  2. Subscribe to our Staking Program and you will be all set!

To check on your daily interest, just simply go to the “Card” page and it will be displayed there. KYC is required when activating your FuturesCard, once your Futures Card account reached its minimum limit, it will be activated automatically.

Futures card is a virtual prepaid card that allows holders to use their crypto earnings in real-life transactions through card payment. The Futures Card is a prepaid card issued by a Member of FDIC Bank.

The pandemic has brought payments into the spotlight. Digital payments adoption and usage ticked up, and investments in digital payments meant the difference for merchants and payments players between swiftly adapting to new realities. And we believe that payments will once again be top-of-mind for merchants and consumers alike. This FCT Staking upgrade, we believe that it will bring benefits to our users, utilizing cryptocurrency for everyday purchases.

Understanding Futures Card:

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$FCT is a BEP-20 token with a maximum supply of 1,000,000,000 and is the platform token of FuturesCash crypto wallet. It serves as a governance token, staking asset, and access token to the premium services.

*Disclaimer: This content is for informational and educational purposes only and should not be considered as financial or any other advice.



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