Getting Start With FuturesCash Token — FCT


Over the past 6 months, our team has been working hard to develop FuturesCash that functions as a seamless gateway between cryptocurrency, DeFi and traditional finance. With the coming of FuturesCash, we are excited to introduce the FuturesCash Token, FCT, our goal is to issue a cryptocurrency that will serve both as a store of value and can be easily obtained by anyone — Low entry barrier. FCT is an essential component allowing FuturesCash to build an equitable protocol for open source development.

Many of our users are new to the industry, the hardest part about crypto is going from 0 to 1 — from not owning any to owning some. FuturesCash makes that first step as easy as possible and has designed a safe and simple way for people to earn and use crypto. FuturesCash is a risk-free, easy way to get in touch with crypto, without the real-life danger of losing private keys or wallet.

FuturesCash prioritizes users’ interest, we believe users are crucial for us to achieve our vision, therefore, we uphold “Users are holders”, utilize “Using is Mining” to give back to the community, FCT is planned to list on exchange platform in Q4, 2021. As we are revving up for the spearhead launch of our FCT, we are grateful to our community for the immense trust that you have instilled within us.

What is FCT?

FCT (FuturesCash Token) is issued by FuturesCash, The total number of FCT is set at 1 billion and will never increase. FCT adopts a “Using is Mining” model to reward FuturesCash users. FCT will become the basis of the FuturesCash digital economy, it also represents a stake in the community. The FCT can be either mined via our reward program or can be purchased via centralized exchanges in the later stages. FCT holders can actively participate in the governance by voting on the proposals concerning the product update and its features.

FCT Distribution

Issuance of FCT

Using is Mining

FuturesCash will distribute 40% of total FCT tokens (1 billion) among all users in terms of rewards for using FuturesCash. Rules and details will be announced.

Futures Foundation

All the FCTs in Futures Foundation are locked, the release of FCTs will be in tandem with Using is Mining in a scale of 1:1. The FCTs will be used for strategic investment and partnership purposes.


Users can attend the Airdrop event by mining Pi Futures. We will collect the data, calculate the total yield for each active user and give away FCTs accordingly. Details and rules will be announced further.

Private Sale

No lock-up limitation. Details will be announced.

Using is Mining

FuturesCash is endeavoring to foster a carnival-like experience for our users, we want to get our users’ hands-on crypto, many for the first time, and at the same time, to reward them for using and exploring FuturesCash, finally enhancing the overall sense of user experience.

In order to properly align the incentives of our users and stakeholders, FuturesCash implements a “Using is Mining” community reward model, in which FuturesCash will reward members with FCT tokens as a way to give back to the community. 40% of total FCT will be distributed to FuturesCash users, you can obtain FCT by using FuturesCash app, including but not limiting to make a deposit, make a withdrawal, store your assets. Besides, we will also distribute revenue based on the composition of FuturesCash revenue stream and this will be in proportion to a user’s FCT holdings.

The community reward cycle is proposed to be periodical, the technical implementation will base on our research on laws and regulations. We will calculate the number of expected return FCTs in accordance with the average price, and issue to each member in a timely manner. We will announce further information later.

The launch of FCT is the first step towards an ongoing evolution of FuturesCash. In the coming months, we will release more information about FuturesCash and FCT on the finer details. Your FCT awaits and the FuturesCash stewards are eager to earn your delegation!

Pi Futures is now publicly traded on Uniswap v3. Trading Link:

ERC20 Contract Address:

Disclaimer: Pi Futures (symbol: Pi) is ERC-20 token, and is neither the same nor the alternative of the cryptocurrency of Pi Network.

Our vision is to let more and more people understand and use crypto via Futures Foundation.