How to Earn Profit with REKALL?


REKALL is a community-based marketplace for NFT artists, enthusiasts, and collectors. REKALL accumulates a significant amount of artists, providing a bridge between traditional artists and the Metaverse.

About REKALL Stake NFT to Earn

One of the best features of REKALL is its special staking policy. REKALL NFT holders can earn EKA and expect greater profits by staking. Staking is the core value of the REKALL ecosystem, which is distributed from a pool written in smart contract.

Individual Participation

How to Stake on REKALL

It’s a new mechanic that has a promising foundation and has already produced results. The staking process on REKALL is secure.

  1. Click “Mint” to mint your NFT.
  2. Find your NFTs here: My Account > My NFTs.
  3. Click on Stake, then your NFT will be securely staked on REKALL.



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