Pi Futures giving away mining powers worth 2 million USD

As of celebrating the opening of Pi Convention and accelerating the market circulation of Pi Futures, we will launch the largest promotional event ever, giving away Pioneer miners worth 2 million US dollars.

Date: October 13-15, 2020

Giveaway: Each new user will receive an additional 500Pi Pioneer miner. Each existing user will receive an additional 100Pi Pioneer miner.

Signup: https://invite.pifutures.org (Referral Code: minepi)

Login and Earn: https://mine.pifutures.org

The one-week campaign of Contributor free upgrading has been successfully concluded. The service charge of verification has resumed to 0.04 eth. However, promoters will be rewarded by inviting others to verify their phones. The direct inviter will be rewarded 0.015 eth once the service fee is paid and the inviter of the inviter will be rewarded 0.005 eth. The balance will be updated and shown in “Fees”.

Pi Futures is the derivative of the cryptocurrency of Pi Network. It is created by a group of early miners of Pi, who understand and believe the future value of Pi Network. This Pi is issued with an 1:1 anchor to the Pi of Pi Network. Learn more…

The price of Pi Futures is now $0.12.

Trading Link: https://uniswap.info/token/0xe875c61d4721424a6988e5fa2dfb8d6ca6af5c64

ERC20 Contract Address: 0xe875c61d4721424a6988e5fa2dfb8d6ca6af5c64

Disclaimer: Pi Futures (symbol: Pi) is ERC-20 token, and is neither the same nor the alternative of the cryptocurrency of Pi Network.



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