Pi Futures launched marketplace within its mobile mining app

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2 min readNov 30, 2020


The marketplace is now on test run. Here, users can quickly acquire Pi Futures tokens to activate miners and accelerate mining, without going through Uniswap or paying extra Ethereum gas.

There are several things that needs your attention. The marketplace only accepts eth in the ETH Wallet for exchange. If you are paying with USDT or other ERC20 tokens, you still need to go through Uniswap. Secondly, a daily quota is set, and it is shared among the users who want to acquire Pi Futures tokens. Last not the least, you cannot sell Pi Futures for eth in marketplace. This functionality would be provided when the mining app is upgraded to a real crypto wallet for Pi.

We are so happy to provide such a convenient way for our users to acquire Pi Futures. However, the best way, we believe, to invest Pi Futures is to invest your time and social efforts, not cryptos.

Steps to make use of Marketplace

  1. Make sure you have enough eth in your ETH Wallet. To deposit eth, click “ETH Wallet” in the menu, then click “Deposit” button.
  2. Give the address started with 0x to whoever sends you eth.
  3. Click Marketplace in the menu. Input the amount of eth, then click “Trade” button.
  4. The amount of Pi Futures you receive will be automatically added to your Pi Futures balance, shown on the home screen.
  5. To activate more miners, click “Miners” in the menu. Every miner has its price tag. Click on the price tag, the corresponding cost will be deducted from your balance and the miner will be active. Remember to go back to the home screen to collect Pi Futures tokens.

Pi Futures is the derivative of the cryptocurrency of Pi Network. It is created by a group of early miners of Pi, who understand and believe the future value of Pi Network. This Pi is issued with an 1:1 anchor to the Pi of Pi Network. Learn more…

The price of Pi Futures is now $0.34, almost tripled from the beginning of the mining campaign.

Trading Link: https://uniswap.info/token/0xe875c61d4721424a6988e5fa2dfb8d6ca6af5c64

ERC20 Contract Address: 0xe875c61d4721424a6988e5fa2dfb8d6ca6af5c64

Disclaimer: Pi Futures (symbol: Pi) is ERC-20 token, and is neither the same nor the alternative of the cryptocurrency of Pi Network.



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