REKALL: Futures Foundations’ First Fully Incubated Project

Futures Foundation
3 min readMay 24, 2022


What is REKALL?

REKALL is a community-based marketplace for NFT artists, enthusiasts, and collectors. REKALL accumulates a significant amount of artists, providing a bridge between traditional artists and the Metaverse.

REKALL is deployed on BNB Smart Chain and will be deployed on multi-chains. With upgraded security, REKALL has lower fees and higher speed that supports trading of all kinds of high-quality NFTs; it also allows users to swap assets on the platform directly. REKALL is a unique and innovative NFT platform that provides inventiveness and recognition for the creators and generates significant revenue and value for NFT holders.


As the world desperately battles rising inflation, many investors are increasingly thinking about investing in the NFT market; the NFT market has grown 220 times in just two years, Futures Foundation believes that the potential of NFT is just beginning to develop, and the market has yet to experience a massive influx of users and full public adoption. REKALL’s mission is to facilitate artworks to enter the NFT market, REKALL is a bridge between blockchain and artworks, and REKALL will also incubate global art piece creators.

The born of REKALL brings uniqueness to the NFT market. REKALL provides a primary market for creators and users. Holders can stake their NFTs to earn profits; and with the multi-chain swap feature in REKALL, users can swap conveniently and easily on the REKALL platform directly.

Futures Foundation x REKALL

Futures Foundation has come to an exclusive involvement with an extremely disruptive emerging NFT project — REKALL. This upcoming NFT project has designed an innovative technology that will reverberate across the NFT marketplace. Futures Foundation is committed to putting efforts into incubating this high-potential project.

The Futures Foundation and REKALL team have deeply experienced strategic development for emerging digital asset projects. Futures Foundation and REKALL are thrilled to combine efforts to tune the development, marketing, and launch of REKALL. REKALL has exclusively worked with Futures Foundation, recognizing their vast expertise in the space.

About Futures Foundation

Futures Foundation supports the growing crypto ecosystem. We invest broadly across the space in strong entrepreneurs driving crypto forward. We have an excellent management team and technology team; building the rails for a growing crypto market to drive forward institutional and mainstream crypto adoption. Our vision is to let more and more people understand and use cryptocurrency. Futures Foundation hopes that the crypto ecosystem to bloom and is not focused exclusively on specific outcomes.



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Our vision is to let more and more people understand and use crypto via Futures Foundation.