REKALL: Stake NFT to Earn and Upcoming Pre-Sale. Get Ready!

Hello everyone! Feel like some exciting news today? You are right on time. REKALL NFT pre-sale will be held on May 29, 2022! The first-ever batch of NFTs on REKALL is waiting for you to collect!

Upcoming REKALL NFT Pre-Sale

We are thrilled to announce that REKALL NFT Pre-Sale is coming soon, providing 1,000 presale spot: 300 USDT per NFT.

REKALL is a community-based marketplace for NFT artists, enthusiasts, and collectors. REKALL accumulates a significant amount of artists, providing a bridge between traditional artists and the Metaverse.


May 29, 3:30 pm — June 2, 3:30 pm, 2022 GMT+8

First come first serve!

Why Participate REKALL NFT Pre-Sale?

Get the early access on REKALL and enjoy the benefits:

  • Enjoy the priority to mint all NFTs that are available on REKALL, including the exclusive NFTs.
  • Stake your NFT and earn rewards in advance.
  • Receive Liquidity Provider rewards. crypto assets generate during the presale will be used to add a pool of EKA/USDT on PancakeSwap.

REKALL: Stake NFT to Earn

REKALL Stake NFT to earn allows users to earn rewards without transferring their ownership of the NFTs. Users can earn rewards for staking their NFTs on REKALL. This secures the network and in return for offering security, the NFT token holders earn EKA as rewards.

How to Participate REKALL NFT Pre-Sale?

It’s real simple!

  1. Go to REKALL official website.
  2. Connect your Wallet, click on “Collections” on the mene bar.
  3. Select the NFT, and click “mint”.

All the NFTs on REKALL are deployed on Binance Smart Chain. The price for each NFT is 300 USDT.
*Make sure to add wallet extension to Google Chrome first. For more information, please contact REKALL Support team.

Want to Learn more about REKALL? We will be holding an AMA on Futures Foundation Telegram group on May 27, 2022 8pm GMT+8

See you by then.




Our vision is to let more and more people understand and use crypto via Futures Foundation.

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Futures Foundation

Futures Foundation

Our vision is to let more and more people understand and use crypto via Futures Foundation.

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