The Road to Testnet: Building Value and Trust in FuturesChain’s Journey

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3 min readNov 13, 2023

As FuturesChain gears up for the testnet phase, our community’s excitement is palpable. Yet, our commitment to transparency and trust is why we’ve chosen a path of strategic postponement for the testnet launch — a decision not made lightly but with the future value of FCC (FuturesChain Coin) in mind. This careful approach aims to enhance FCC’s value, ensuring the testnet exceeds expectations and sets a new standard. We are now addressing the most pressing questions from our community, offering clarity on the testnet process, the future of earning FCC, and the utility of FCC.

What Would Happen When the Testnet is Rolling Out?

For most FCC holders, the launch of the testnet is a behind-the-scenes process. From day one, FCC has been tradable and transferrable within the FuturesCash wallet and other wallet apps. The testnet is more relevant to developers and engineers, as it’s a stage where the network’s stability is scrutinized. Once live, FuturesCash wallet will automatically configure the necessary node information, while manual setup will be required for other wallets. The testnet phase allows us to ensure node stability and make necessary adjustments, which isn’t possible post-mainnet launch when nodes are operated by FCC stakers. Note that for most users using FCC through the FuturesCash wallet, these updates will be seamless. Cross-chain exchanges and mappings will be supported by FuturesCash functionalities. It’s our way of saying, “We’ve got this, so you can keep on with your day, worry-free.”

How Can I Keep Earning FCC Now That Mobile Mining Has Ended?

With the conclusion of Mobile Mining, there are two primary ways to earn FCC: the FCC Staking Program and the FuturesCash rewards program. Launching on November 13th, the FCC Staking Program offers substantial interest, anticipating the stake-to-earn model of our upcoming mainnet’s Proof-of-Stake system. This program is designed to yield attractive returns, underpinned by contributions from applications within our ecosystem. Parallel to staking, the FuturesCash rewards program will be introduced to encourage daily engagement and ecosystem growth. The incentives distributed through this program are generously allocated from the 20 million FCC set aside by the Futures Foundation, ensuring that active participants continue to reap benefits as we progress towards our mainnet launch.

Why Does FCC Matter?

Many associate the testnet launch with a potential surge in FCC’s price. However, the underlying driver of price appreciation is utility, which creates demand. FCC is not just a utility token; it’s the key to a burgeoning ecosystem. As we enrich our platform with DeFi, SocialFi, and GameFi applications, FCC becomes the currency of choice, driving demand and, consequently, value. From now until the release of the Testnet, we’re not just showcasing Bull vs Bear but also launching a variety of engaging games and applications. Our focus is on building a suite of applications that not only utilize FCC but also require it, embedding it into the very fabric of our digital experiences.

FuturesChain is more than a blockchain; it’s an evolving ecosystem ready to bridge the gap between technology and real-world utility. The testnet marks a pivotal milestone on our shared journey, laying the groundwork for a future where every interaction, transaction, and game enriches our collective experience. With FuturesChain, you’re not merely observing the evolution of a platform; you are an integral part of shaping its vibrant future.

Stay connected, stay curious, and most importantly, stay excited — there’s much more to come.



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